The Marketers Favorite Font

The Marketers Favorite FontAfter writing plethora of content for clients over the years, I just started blogging on my own website recently. While designing my blog, I stumbled over the type and size of font I shall use. 

And this thought led me to research to find the most popular marketing font used.

Though the use of font style and size might not appeal to the mass marketers, a research conducted by Errol Morris  showed that font type , does impact decision making or alter thinking patterns.

So, moving on, primarily being a marketer, my initial reaction was to search the fonts used by marketing blogs- and i did just that. 

I researched 100 marketing blogs, largely using this marketing blog ranking by, to find what font types and sizes top marketing blogs are using in their post headings and the content in body. 

The procedure was very simple. I randomly selected a blog post from each website, copy/pasted the headings and content into a Word Document, and voila I have the font type and size for the headings and content. 


Anyways, here is what i found. 

Font Type and Sizes in Blog Headings

Font Type ( Heading)

Most popular font size in online marketing blogs

Popular font types in online marketing blogs

Top 3 Heading Font Sizes

Top 3 Font Types in Headings


Font Types and Sizes in Blog Content

Popular font types in online marketing blogs

Popular Font Size in Online Marketing Blogs Content

Percentage of most used font type in online marketing blogs content

Top 3 most used font size in online marketing blogs content

Top 3 Font Types in Content for Online Marketing Blogs

Data Source

This is the exact data and name of the blogs i selected for this research.


[embeddoc url=”” viewer=”microsoft”]

I hope this research will benefit you in some way or another. Let me know about your thoughts about this in the comments.


What is your favorite marketing font?



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