About Abbas Sarfraz


Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist with more than 10 years experience in providing Online Marketing, Content Strategy, Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation services to hundreds of Tech, SaaS and Mobile startups and established businesses globally. My expertise lies in providing end-to-end Internet Marketing Services for, but not limited to, IT (Hardware, Software, Consultancy), Cloud (SaaS, IaaS, Storage) and App Developers (Android, Apple). I can provide such businesses with;



Traffic Generation – Define and implement a mix of strategies (SEO, Social Media, Community Outreach, PPC and Sponsored Placements) that brought not only search traffic, engagement and ranking but also help increase quality leads.

Marketing Messaging ā€“ Create, implement, manage and monitor comprehensive marketing communication tactics (Blogging, Ebooks, Guides, Whitepapers, Videos, Presentation, Microsites etc) to enhance reach, foster engagement and cultivate a stream of recurring traffic.

Lead Generation and Sales ā€“ Implement marketing, traffic generation and lead generation strategies and tools to capture, qualify, nurture and close quality leads.

Reporting & Analytics ā€“ Provide marketing performance reports beyond random numbers and define the future marketing strategy and objectives, in light of past performance.